Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Video: Flex 3 Easing with Flex 4 Effects

Flex 3 Easing with Flex 4 Effects, the next episode in the gripping and suspenseful series CodeDependent, is now available from Adobe TV.

This show is basically a recap of an earlier blog article I wrote, Penner for your Thoughts (named for the author of the Flex 3 easing functions, Robert Penner), except this time it's in video form (for the reading-impaired). The topic is about using the old easing functions in Flex 3 through the new IEaser interface that the Flex 4 effects require. See the article for more details about the whys and hows of this rather neat hack.

Meanwhile, here's the video:

Here is the demo application:

And here is the source code. Be sure to check out the blog article for more details on how the code works.

Finally, here's where you can find the CodeDependent videos on iTunes.


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