Tuesday, May 26, 2009

JavaOne, Too

For those not following my Java blog (what, one post per year isn't enough?), I thought I'd mention that I'll be back at the JavaOne conference this year, speaking about Flex, Java, and fun graphics/animation stuff.

The main thing for me this year is the presentation that I'm doing with Romain Guy, called "Move Your Users: Animation Principles for Great User Experiences". We'll be presenting at 11:05 on Wednesday (June 3rd), and again at a repeat session on Friday afternoon (June 5th). This year's talk will be less about code and more about concepts and design principles. Should be fun.

I will also be assisting Duane Nickull in his lab on creating PDFs with LC ES and other server-side stuff that I should really learn one of these days. There is also an Adobe event at Jillian's on Wednesday from 6:30-9:30 PM - stop by the Adobe booth for more information. Speaking of the booth, I'll be spending some quality time there when not in sessions doing some small talks, demos, and generally hanging out trying to look like I work for Marketing. Stop by if you're around the show floor.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Video: CodeDependent #2, er, 7

Now things are really moving...

The next episode of CodeDependent, "A Moving Comparison," is out. There are actually 7 episodes in the show so far, but 5 of those are reruns, rendered onto the spiffy new CodeDependent set. (I suspect that the earlier versions of those episodes, rendered on the standard Aodbe Developer Connection backdrop, will become collectors' items. Somewhere. Sometime. Perhaps they will be re-master and re-released someday, as "Codedependent Classics").

This latest show is a brand new one, starting right where the first one, "Graphics in Flex 3 and Gumbo", left off. In the first episode, I compared simple custom graphics in Flex 3 to simple graphics in Flex 4 (codename Gumbo). In this episode, I compare simple animations in Flex 3 and Gumbo on those same graphics objects.

Here's the video:

Here are the demos:

And here is the source code.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Video: Codedependent Reruns Already?

Usually, a show has reruns after at least one successful season, when everyone's on vacation and the actors are playing hardball for contract renewals and the public is demanding content that just isn't there. But with CodeDependent, we have reruns after just one show. It's either that popular or the producers are just trying to amortize the costs for that amazingly expensive and glamorous CG set backdrop.

In case anyone's checking out the CodeDependent video page, or the Codedependent show on iTunes, I wanted to point out that there are a small number of reruns in the pipe. That is, there are a few videos that came out in the last several weeks on Adobe TV before the CodeDependent show existed (our people were still talking to their people, the unions were on strike, the writers wanted more donuts, and we were all doing the usual bickering and negotiating that is a natural part of any major show production) that have been sucked up under the CodeDependent banner. The producers have taken the old content and basically re-rendered it with the nifty new grayscale backdrop. Same content, different look, like plastic surgery without the cost, wider smile, and mortality risks.

There will be a handful of these reruns coming out in the next few days, then it's back to new content. I think this is probably the only time there will be reruns on CodeDependent, but maybe if there's a writers' strike next year, we'll see old home movies of me pushed as CodeDependent shows.

In the meantime, I'll continue to post items here on this blog when there is new content. Look for a new show in a few days...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Video: CodeDependent #1

Adobe TV has just posted the first in what I hope to be a very long run of my new show, “CodeDependent”. Fortunately, the show is not on the Fox network, so that may give it a better chance of not being canceled.

The CodeDependent show is not that different from the videos I’ve been doing already: short tutorials on various aspects of Flex and Flash that I find interesting. The biggest change is that they should be more regular (we’re aiming for an every-other-week schedule as we settle into it). Also, they producers gave me a nifty new grayscale CG set design to match my nifty old grayscale CG personality.

This first show is a simple tutorial on Flex 3 and Flex 4 (codename Gumbo) graphics. For the Flex 3 demo, you'll see how to drop down into ActionScript code to draw simple graphics through the Flash APIs into your Flex application. For the Flex 4 version, you'll see you to do the same thing through MXML graphics tags. In future episodes, we'll build on these simple examples and see how to animate the objectsand how to get more realistic animations. (Can you feel the suspense of this cliff-hanger? I’m trying to incorporate standard television series techniques into the show. Look for a laughtrack soon.) But I’m getting way ahead of myself.

Here’s the video:

Here’s the awesome demo application:

And here’s the source code.

Enjoy. And welcome to my show…

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Effects and other Flex Stuff at Flash Camp SF: May 29th

Mike Chambers just posted info about Flash Camp San Francisco on the evening of Friday, May 29th at the Adobe offices in SF. I'll be talking about Flex 4 effects at 9:10 PM. That's about 10 minutes past my bedtime, so I'll probably hit the coffee harder than the beer that evening. This gathering is primarly about Flex 4, Flex Builder 4, and Flash Catalyst. Go read about the event, check out the schedule, and register. It's free, but space is limited, so register now.