Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Video: Codedependent Reruns Already?

Usually, a show has reruns after at least one successful season, when everyone's on vacation and the actors are playing hardball for contract renewals and the public is demanding content that just isn't there. But with CodeDependent, we have reruns after just one show. It's either that popular or the producers are just trying to amortize the costs for that amazingly expensive and glamorous CG set backdrop.

In case anyone's checking out the CodeDependent video page, or the Codedependent show on iTunes, I wanted to point out that there are a small number of reruns in the pipe. That is, there are a few videos that came out in the last several weeks on Adobe TV before the CodeDependent show existed (our people were still talking to their people, the unions were on strike, the writers wanted more donuts, and we were all doing the usual bickering and negotiating that is a natural part of any major show production) that have been sucked up under the CodeDependent banner. The producers have taken the old content and basically re-rendered it with the nifty new grayscale backdrop. Same content, different look, like plastic surgery without the cost, wider smile, and mortality risks.

There will be a handful of these reruns coming out in the next few days, then it's back to new content. I think this is probably the only time there will be reruns on CodeDependent, but maybe if there's a writers' strike next year, we'll see old home movies of me pushed as CodeDependent shows.

In the meantime, I'll continue to post items here on this blog when there is new content. Look for a new show in a few days...

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