Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The MAX 2008 conference schedule and details are posted: I'll be giving a talk on "Filthy Rich [Flex] Clients," just one of many talks on Flex and other development goodies. Check it out and join us November 16-19 in San Francisco (non-US MAX conferences to follow later) to hear about Flex, Flash, tools, and all that designer/developer stuff.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pulse of the Geek Nation

You saw it on Adobe TV, now you can see it in code....

Here is the running demo and source code for the Pulse application seen on the Developer channel of Adobe TV.

Rather than spend time here reiterating on what I said on the video, I'll just refer you to the video to get the motivation for the effect as well as the code walkthrough.

The Video

In case you didn't manage to make it to Adobe TV, here's the video presentation for Pulse:

The Demo

And here's the running demo itself:

The Code

And finally, here's the source code. I'm tempted to put snippets of the source code inline and go over them, but I would be basically duplicating what I already did in the video, so watch the video instead.

Thanks to Romain Guy for the original (Java) version of the demo, which he wrote for our book.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Video: Pulse

Adobe TV surprised me today by posting my Pulse demo much sooner than I thought they would. Four videos posted in just over a week. I feel like Ben Affleck, where everyone will probably get sick of me when I'm just getting started. Except that Ben has a way bigger jaw and whiter teeth. And I bet he can't program graphics applications. This demo is the first in a series of "Filthy Rich Client" applications, where I look at what it would take to enable specific graphical or animated effects on the Flex platform. The Pulse demo in particular is a Flex take on an application originally written in Java by Romain Guy. The only problem is that I wasn't quite ready to post the source (just have to go through it and make sure it's ready for leaving the nest: nicely commented, teeth brushed, lunch packed...). So watch the video for now and check back here soon if you're interested in seeing the source code and application. By the way, this kind of content is also being posted on the Flex Developer Center, so you might also put that site on your list of Flex learning bookmarks.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Video: Top Drawer (Parts II & III)

Adobe TV has posted the second and third installments of the Top Drawer videos that we made, showing how we turn mouse events (Part II) into graphical shapes (Part III). Be sure to also check out my original Top Drawer postings (here, here, here, and here) that link to the source code for the project.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Video: Top Drawer (Part I)

The folks at Adobe TV have been shooting some videos recently of Adobe people doing quick techy presentations and these are starting to get posted on the Developer area. I've done some episodes on "Top Drawer" (the same application that was the subject of some of my earlier blogs here, here, here, and here) and various "filthy rich" effects. My videos should be rolling out on the Adobe TV site in the next few days and weeks. I'll link to the videos as they get posted. For now, check out Top Drawer, Part I.