Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The MAX 2008 conference schedule and details are posted: I'll be giving a talk on "Filthy Rich [Flex] Clients," just one of many talks on Flex and other development goodies. Check it out and join us November 16-19 in San Francisco (non-US MAX conferences to follow later) to hear about Flex, Flash, tools, and all that designer/developer stuff.


Ido said...

I will do my best to come :)
Seems like (very) cool stuff...
and since we are checking (in my new start up) the option to bind flex with our sites, it seems like a good place.
See you,

Anonymous said...

MAX Out - max out the exploitation of users! I think Flex is the worst thing that ever was invented. I hate rich stupid graphics I cannot control on my device. I hate hate hate it. Adobe is also an even more evil company than Microsoft. Adobe equals "buy out and monopolize". Let the user slaves pay. BTW JavaFX/Flex/Silverligt/Javascript is just as bad. I fat badly designed marketing vector that makes the web into a thick ugly buggy goo.