Friday, October 29, 2010

Amazon Restocks Massive Shelves

Flex 4 Fun is finally, once again, in stock at It's been "Temporarily out of stock" for the past coupjle of weeks for reasons that escape me, but which are probably one of these two possibilities:
  • Amazon is really new at this business of selling books and is still learning how to keep appropriate amounts of inventory on-hand.
  • They lost all the copies they had and had to rewrite the book from scratch, based purely on the cover picture on their website. I hope their version is as gripping as the original.
In any case, you can now order it in peace. At the same time, they bumped the price a bit, to $26.60. This is fantastic news, of course, for two reasons:
  • The book now costs just about a cup of coffee more than it used to on Amazon. This means that you may have to forego that cup when you read it, thus preventing unfortunate spills and mess.
  • Even better, the new price means that the book is just over Amazon's Free Shipping limit here in the U.S. That's probably the thing that a lot of you were waiting for in order to finally purchase it.
So go ahead. It's ready. Now. Go.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Speaking of Flex...

I'll be joining Jacob Surber from Adobe this week to speak to the local Flex user group, SilvaFUG (which I think stands for "Silicon Valley Flex User Group." Or maybe it's "Silver and Fugly"). We'll be in San Francisco on Tuesday evening (the 12th) and San Jose on Thursday evening (the 14th).

The topic is "Fun with Flex Skinning." I'll start off with an overview of the visual aspects of Flex 4 (which, by bizarre coincidence, are exactly the topics covered by Flex 4 Fun. Funny how that worked out). Then I'll walk through an extended example of skinning a simple component to show how these visual elements are used to enable easy development of very custom-looking components. I promise there will be much more code than bullet-points. Jacob will then go into more detail about skinning, including possible workflows and tools for design and development of custom components.

More information about the events can be found on the SilvaFUG site.

I hope to see you there; it should be a Flex 4 Fun evening. Both times.