Monday, September 27, 2010

Flex 4 Fun: Only n left-- order soon!

Flex 4 Fun is finally available for purchase at Amazon. First, it went from looking like this on their site (with the depressing "Temporarily out of stock" message):

to looking like this, after they were finally ready to ship it out (I figure they probably wanted to dust off the copies first, then put them on the shelves to see how nice they looked):

Then for the past few days, the amount of stock appears to continuously change. In fact, they seem to have a hard time figuring out how much stock to keep on hand. Here are some screenshots from the Amazon page over the past few days. (Not that I've visited the site that many times or anything. After all, I already have a copy, so why would I need to? That would be silly.)

Get yours soon. Who knows when they're going to run out completely?

Oh, and don't forget about that free shipping for orders over $25 thing. Amazon toyed briefly with a price just over $26. And I mean briefly. I saw it at that price just once over the past two weeks. Now it's down at $24.39 (below the $24.93 price before it was in stock, in the first image above). Apparently the book is like pork bellies or flax futures and the price fluctuates with demand. Or their clerks just get the numbers transposed occasionally. Since it's so close to the free shipping limit of $25, you'll probably want to bundle it with another relevant, yet highly affordable book, like When I am King.... I'm just saying....

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Book Montage

I ran across Flex 4 Fun in the wild this weekend and managed to get some photographs. I thought that it might help you to understand how you might benefit from the book. Here are some ways that others have found it useful.

First of all, the book makes a lovely objet d'art, and was being displayed alongside other great works of art when I encountered it here:

It also makes a nice decoration for some household areas, such as this aquarium:

This person apparently found the code recipes useful in the kitchen:

At 280+ pages, the book is a perfect size for some household tasks, such as leveling this piece of furniture:

A good graphics algorithm is always music to the ears:

This family apparently found the book more interesting to watch on a Friday night than television or a movie:

And of course the book looks great on a bookshelf, where it fits naturally with both the great works of literature:

and the less great works of children's literature:

But the book won't stay on that kids' shelf for long:

Even the family pet may enjoy the book - everyone wants to be an RIA developer:

And finally, this Flex developer was so excited by the book's arrival that he bought two:

As you can see, there are plenty of uses for the book. What will you do with yours?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Done? Done. It's Here.

For anyone that doubted the outcome (including me), I offer the following physical proof that Flex 4 Fun exists. I received a few of the early copies today, and I took a picture of one in its natural habitat. I wanted to capture how nice the book would look on a random bookshelf. Here, you can see it surrounded by a few of my other favorite books:
This is probably as good a time as any to call out to some of the many people that supported me in this huge and questionable effort:
  • Romain Guy: Thanks for the ideas, the help, the beautiful pictures (including the lovely and bizarre sea dragon on the cover), the foreword, and the encouragement. I only regret that you didn't actually write the book with me instead of just making me get started on it to begin with. But I'm learning that there's not a lot of time outside of Android development to take on that kind of project...
  • Daniel Steinberg: Thanks for helping me get the project rolling at first and giving me some great advice and editing assistance. I'm sure it's a better book for your help.
  • Bill Venners (a.k.a., the publisher): Thanks for taking the book on and getting it out there in very quick order. Making it available early in online form that close to the Flex 4 release was important, albeit painful and nearly impossible.
  • The academy: For voting for me and sucking up to me throughout my Hollywood career, I thank you most of all. Always thank the academy.
The books are being sent out to distributors starting this week. Amazon still shows the book as "Available for pre-order", but I expect that to change next week as they start receiving their copies. Assuming they can bear to part with the little darlings.
(By the way, this blog entry is reminiscent of an earlier one. My, how the time flies when you're too dang busy working on code and writing books about it...)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Final Article: Effect Choreography in Flex 4 has posted another article from my book Flex 4 Fun. Check out Effect Choreography in Flex 4 for an introduction to using composite effects in Flex 4 to create more complex animations.

For anyone that's tired of seeing Flex content on my blog, you're in luck: this is probably the last bit of such material for the foreseeable future. This article is the eighth and last in a series of articles that were, er, borrowed from the book.

(Then again, if you're tired of my Flex content, I have no idea what you're doing reading this blog to begin with).

If, instead, you're pining for more content, might I suggest picking up Flex for Fun? The online version is done and the printed version is so close I can almost taste it (although I hope it reads better than it tastes).

If you're hoping to see some Android content, be patient. I'll get there eventually. I'm a tad swamped in actually writing SDK code and learning the platform first. I'll eventually come around to posting some geeky how-to developer content here. Because that's what this blog is all about.