Thursday, September 9, 2010

Done? Done. It's Here.

For anyone that doubted the outcome (including me), I offer the following physical proof that Flex 4 Fun exists. I received a few of the early copies today, and I took a picture of one in its natural habitat. I wanted to capture how nice the book would look on a random bookshelf. Here, you can see it surrounded by a few of my other favorite books:
This is probably as good a time as any to call out to some of the many people that supported me in this huge and questionable effort:
  • Romain Guy: Thanks for the ideas, the help, the beautiful pictures (including the lovely and bizarre sea dragon on the cover), the foreword, and the encouragement. I only regret that you didn't actually write the book with me instead of just making me get started on it to begin with. But I'm learning that there's not a lot of time outside of Android development to take on that kind of project...
  • Daniel Steinberg: Thanks for helping me get the project rolling at first and giving me some great advice and editing assistance. I'm sure it's a better book for your help.
  • Bill Venners (a.k.a., the publisher): Thanks for taking the book on and getting it out there in very quick order. Making it available early in online form that close to the Flex 4 release was important, albeit painful and nearly impossible.
  • The academy: For voting for me and sucking up to me throughout my Hollywood career, I thank you most of all. Always thank the academy.
The books are being sent out to distributors starting this week. Amazon still shows the book as "Available for pre-order", but I expect that to change next week as they start receiving their copies. Assuming they can bear to part with the little darlings.
(By the way, this blog entry is reminiscent of an earlier one. My, how the time flies when you're too dang busy working on code and writing books about it...)


Unknown said...

You forgot to thank your wife.

-Your wife

Chet Haase said...

And my wife. Because she makes all things possible and because she'll kill me otherwise.

Pamela said...

I probably won't understand this one, will I?

Chet Haase said...

@Pamela: Well, there are some pretty pictures in it. And a lot of the words used in the book are probably familiar to you (words like "the", "a", and "obseqious").
But the concepts and the code may not play to your strengths.

Alan Greenblatt said...

That's pretty high-tech of you, using @Pamela. You are a social networker extraordinaire. I should probably ignore what they say about you at Adobe.