Friday, May 13, 2011

IOU IO Slides and Videos

I had the chance to speak at Google I/O this week, giving two talks with Romain Guy, Honeycomb Highlights and Android Accelerated Rendering. The talks were fun, as were the conversations with the developers that came by our Android Office Hours. The conference was enjoyable and relaxing; I'm looking forward to my system recovering by sometime in June of 2012.

Google's pretty good at posting content online (surprise, surprise), and I/O is no exception. Our Honeycomb talk was available on YouTube as we were giving it (nothing like streaming live to the world to keep the nervous tension alive), and I hope to see the Rendering talk posted there soon. In the meantime, Romain provided links to the all of the video, slide, and demo resources for our talks; check out his blog for all of the details. And hopefully see you at some future I/O or other Android-related conference!