Tuesday, May 26, 2009

JavaOne, Too

For those not following my Java blog (what, one post per year isn't enough?), I thought I'd mention that I'll be back at the JavaOne conference this year, speaking about Flex, Java, and fun graphics/animation stuff.

The main thing for me this year is the presentation that I'm doing with Romain Guy, called "Move Your Users: Animation Principles for Great User Experiences". We'll be presenting at 11:05 on Wednesday (June 3rd), and again at a repeat session on Friday afternoon (June 5th). This year's talk will be less about code and more about concepts and design principles. Should be fun.

I will also be assisting Duane Nickull in his lab on creating PDFs with LC ES and other server-side stuff that I should really learn one of these days. There is also an Adobe event at Jillian's on Wednesday from 6:30-9:30 PM - stop by the Adobe booth for more information. Speaking of the booth, I'll be spending some quality time there when not in sessions doing some small talks, demos, and generally hanging out trying to look like I work for Marketing. Stop by if you're around the show floor.


codenameone said...

Comments wouldn't work in your Java.net Blog so I'm posting here. The filthy rich clients session is mine and I really want to explain why...
I submitted a "Pimp my LWUIT" session, but the committee chose to rename it (apparently they are not up to MTV decency standards yet). So they picked the title, I do love your a Romain's sessions though although this will be somewhat different and on a mobile phone (has nothing to do with Swing despite the title).

Chet Haase said...

Hey Shai,

java.net started getting slammed with blog-spam, so I don't open up comments there anymore. You know, for my once-annual post...

The funny thing is, there are 2 "Filthy Rich Client" sessions at JavaOne:
Swing Filthy-Rich Clients on Mobile Devices (yours)
Swing Rocks: A Tribute to Filthy-Rich Clients (someone else I don't know)

Pretty funny that you had nothing to do with the titles. Maybe Sun is trying to wrest control of the Filthy Rich franchise...

Anyway, no problems here. I was just amused to see that there are Filthy Rich Clients sessions at JavaOne again this year, and that Romain and I had nothing to do with them. Good luck with your presentation...

Augusto said...

Hey Chet, congrats on the presentation this week. I thought it was really nice, and I was super happy to be listening to a JavaOne talk based on the 12 principles by the 9 old men. In a past life, I was going to be traditional animation geek instead of a computer one :-)

I know they post the slides eventually but was wondering if you would make them available here ... or if we should just wait for Sun to publish them.

Be nice if you could post some of the examples, I know I didn't convince you but I think the "running" button one needs to be tweaked a bit to me more inline with the actual principle there. Like you said, it's not a practical animation, but what the heck.

Anyways, thanks. And you did a good job at impersonating a technical marketing guy there at the Adobe booth.

Chet Haase said...

Hi Augusto,

Actually, Sun posted them pretty quickly this year (at least in PDF form - not sure if/when there will be any audio-sync'd versions like in previous years). Check out this other blog entry that links to the presentation.

I will be posting the examples as time goes on. Some already exist online (we used a couple of examples from our book). The Flex ones will appear one by one on my blog as I cover the details of how they work, probably in future video tutorials.

Glad you like my Marketing Guy impersonation. Remember: I'm not a real evangelist - I just play one on Adobe TV.