Friday, May 22, 2009

Video: CodeDependent #2, er, 7

Now things are really moving...

The next episode of CodeDependent, "A Moving Comparison," is out. There are actually 7 episodes in the show so far, but 5 of those are reruns, rendered onto the spiffy new CodeDependent set. (I suspect that the earlier versions of those episodes, rendered on the standard Aodbe Developer Connection backdrop, will become collectors' items. Somewhere. Sometime. Perhaps they will be re-master and re-released someday, as "Codedependent Classics").

This latest show is a brand new one, starting right where the first one, "Graphics in Flex 3 and Gumbo", left off. In the first episode, I compared simple custom graphics in Flex 3 to simple graphics in Flex 4 (codename Gumbo). In this episode, I compare simple animations in Flex 3 and Gumbo on those same graphics objects.

Here's the video:

Here are the demos:

And here is the source code.


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