Thursday, October 8, 2009

Video: Effects in Flex 4 (MAX Session)

Effects in Flex 4, the talk I gave earlier this week at Adobe MAX, is now available from Adobe TV. This is pretty awesome; I've never known talk recording to be published so soon after the actual event (in this case, actually published while the event was still going on).

The talk covers the overall architecture of the new effects in Flex 4, covering all of the new effects classes and also (my favorite part) the underlying details of how it all works, using the Animate class, the underlying Animation class, and all of the low-level helper classes. Lots of nitty-gritty details for those that care (and those that don't). If you saw my FlashCamp talk that I posted last June, you'll recognize some of the information and demos, but this talk goes into a lot more detail on the architecture and underlying details since I had more time to do so. For the code-hungry folks in the audience, I showed many demos throughout the talk to illustrate how the concepts and classes actually work in real code.

Here's the video. I show a lot of demos during the talk with plenty of code wading, so you might want to pop the player into fullscreen mode (look for the icon in the lower-right of the player).

Many of the demos are already posted in other CodeDependent posts, others are ones that I developed for MAX and have not yet published. But I will push these demos out eventually as well - look for future posts that cover these other demos in more detail.

Be sure to check out the other MAX talks, too. There was some great stuff at MAX this year, and it's pretty cool that we've posted the talks for all of the folks that couldn't make the conference, or had conflicts with other sessions, or simply couldn't stumble early enough for morning sessions after late night sessions in the bar the night before.


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