Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Interview: Drunk on Software, MAX 2009 Deep Thoughts

I think there's a fundamental flaw in the Drunk on Software strategy. If you're actually drunk at the time, it is all too probable that you'll end up with interviews that don't seem quite as interesting, provocative, and hilarious as they did at the time. Nonetheless, Jon and James continue to produce these shows, unhampered by my petty theories and centuries of research on the effects of alcohol on coherent conversation and job security.

We all got together at MAX a couple of weeks ago and had a chat about the conference. Fortunately, I think we were all sober enough to speak in complete sentences. Maybe this should go into a new series that I'm proposing: "Drinking Responsibly on Software". Our branding experts are still working on the title.

Check out the interview at Drunk on Software.

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Jon Rose said...

You are just going to have to make your peace with being apart of our flawed video cast!