Thursday, April 1, 2010

Video: Animation Rules on

Romain Guy and I gave a presentation last year at Devoxx (an excellent developer conference in Antwerp, Belgium (a city with mildly miserable weather at that time of year)) called Animation Rules! A recording of this session was just posted on I've embedded it here for your viewing pleasure:

You could also check it out on the Parleys site directly; parleys is an excellent Flex application, and has a desktop AIR client for offline viewing of the various sessions.

The Devoxx conference posts the session recordings one by one throughout the year. But you can also subscribe to parleys to get all of the sessions immediately. There are many great sessions at the conference, and the fee is quite low (49 Euros for 6 months), so consider becoming a subscriber to get it all.


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Unknown said...

Great presentation! I wasn't at Devoxx but watched it on Parleys and it's really useful. Sufficiently useful that I put together a cheat sheet to remember the principles. It's a bit rubbish but if you're interested its at:

Thanks again.