Friday, April 2, 2010

Flex 4 Fun: Coming Soon. Really Soon.

Here's another teaser for my Flex 4 book, coming soon from Artima Press:

(nifty cover picture by Romain Guy, Android hacker and photographer extraordinaire).

As you might expect in a book by me, Flex 4 Fun dives into the graphical and animation side of Flex 4. Lots of applications (>65) that demonstrate the technologies and techniques are covered in depth in the book and will be available on the book's website in binary and source form. Plenty of stuff to play with for those wanting to learn more about the "fun" side of Flex.

The book should be coming out in PrePrint form any day now. Artima's PrePrint is like a beta release of the book. In this case, the book is complete and has gone through a thorough editing/revision cycle (for some chapters, two or three times). But it still needs a technical review and feedback from careful readers like you. And you. And you. But in the interest of getting it out in your hands and minds close to when Flex 4 was released, we're releasing this early version while I work on finalizing the content in parallel.


dafkobyte said...

This is excellent news! I'll definitely be buying your book; please keep us posted! (:D)

Dustin Mercer said...

Same here. Can't wait!

Xavi Beumala said...

Congrats Chet, really looking forward to this book!