Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just for Show

Is there anything with graphics or effects in Flex that you would like to see explained? Any problem that's been bugging you, or some transition that you can't quite figure out? Or just some Flex/graphics/animation topic you're interested in knowing more about?

Let me know and maybe it'll become a show...

I've been good at doing a bunch of shows and some articles on topics that interest me, or problems that have come up that seemed like they might interest an audience larger than Chet, or just explanations of some of the stuff that we've been doing in the current Flex release under development. But that doesn't mean I don't run out of ideas. When the Adobe TV folks call and say that it's time to shoot another several episodes, I have to come up with a lot of content, quick, and sometimes that's easier to do than other times.

In the meantime, suggestions from people actually trying to use our stuff to build real world applications (that's you) would really help drive some of the content. I'm happy doing tutorials on things that I run across, but my situation is different from yours, and yours, and yours too, so I may not have hit the problems that you have, and may not ever know to go near some topic that you're pining to hear more about. For example, a recent question on my blog resulted in 2 shows about custom interpolation and resizing AIR applications. And another suggestion (coincidentally from the same person) will probably result in another 2-3 shows that I'm shooting next week.

So, if you have any suggested topics for me, please go ahead and suggest them. I think I'm okay at animation framework development, but I admit I'm not so good at reading minds.

Add a comment below, or contact me directly via the email listed in my blogger profile. I'm not saying I will do tutorials on all ideas or questions; it depends on how many suggestions there are, what the topics are, and what I think might have broad appeal. And I will certainly keep coming up with my own topics. But it would be great to have a larger set of potential topics to mull over.

And while we're in housekeeping mode:

  • Ratings: My CodeDependent videos on Adobe TV have ratings (what web content doesn't these days?). The embedded player doesn't expose that feature on my blog, but it would still be useful to me and others to know what people think about the topics I cover. So if you have any particular feeling about a show you saw here (note: the ratings don't include the choice "loathing" or "nausea"), go ahead and click through to the show's page on Adobe TV or the CodeDependent show page and rate the sucker.
  • Twitter: I'm still not sure what I'm doing on Twitter, but I do have an account there. I use it for feeding out the headlines whenever I post a blog (either here or on my humor blog). I figure you are what you write. I promise to not post status updates on what kind of sandwich I'm having for lunch. Even if it's a really awesome one, like an Italian sub with hot peppers. If you are interested in following me, my twitter account is @chethaase.

That's all. Back to work. Look for another video soon, probably tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

How about a short example on how to animate child elements using the Animation classes within a Layout class, (for e.g. HorizontalLayout)

Murat said...

I have been using Flex since version2 and quite impressed with the effects and animations in version4. Usually people who prefer flex like to see fancy UIs. I know there are several hundred of components for fish eye, cover flowor similar effetcs but I am sure many people will be interested to see ver4 ones, either done in a much simpler or more fancier way..

Anonymous said...

I second the comments above. It would really help to have an example of say a fisheye/cover flow animation effect applied to a HorizontalList

Unknown said...

I'm just learning flex and I saw a flash effect a while back that was written in AS3. I thought this would be a really cool States transition or photo effect. What I would like to see is how to tie into and use an effect like this for States. I realized there would be differences in the variables from one effect to another... but how do I get started utilizing something like this in Flex?

The particular effect I had in mind is called Pixelator by Erik Hallander and located at:

Jonathan Dumaine said...

I would like to see a followup to your resizing AIR/Flex4 post, but with a custom window chrome and drop shadow.

i.e. the nativeWindow is chromeless, transparent and in it's stead is a component with a s:Rect inside a skin.

Fluid resizes of the background chrome is a must. ;)

Unknown said...

I'd love to see more about effects in context. In particular, it'd be cool to see more about States & transitions between states (not just hovered & selected, but more macro transitions like product list view to product detail view). Also, as mentioned above, I'd like to see more about using effects with layouts (for scrolling, post-transform, etc.).

Keep up the awesome work.

Anonymous said...

I've been working on an internal application that takes it's visual inspiration from the Adobe Media player application (which I love the style and functionality of!). My app isn't video related but it's a very basic parent / child list application. I've really been trying to mimic the effects included in Adobe Media Player, specifically the Fade / Blur / Move to left transition between selecting a video and playing the video. I'm really close, but yours is just so much more smooth... It would be awesome if you guys could maybe use that as an example in one of your vids :)