Friday, November 6, 2009

Drunken MAX Interviews

The Drunk on Software film crew hit the streets and bars late on the last night of MAX 2009, asking a select group of people (read: anyone that would let us film them), "What was your favorite thing at MAX?"

It's like a "Man on the Street" interview, but with women, too. And it's not so much "in the street" as "on the sidewalk and in the bar." And after the drinking that night, maybe kind of a "facedown in the street" nuance as well. So maybe I'd call it a "Men and women on the sidewalk, in the bars, and lying in the gutter" interview format.

Anyway, here's the result (or check it out on the Drunk on Software site instead). Enjoy...

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Unknown said...

Hi Chet, please kindly record your SILVAFUG presentation tomorrow. Record means screen-cast. I believe that you have camtasia installed in your laptop - just start it please :-). I guess posting this presentation will not violate your blog's policy.