Monday, June 15, 2009

Video: Flashcamp Presentation on Flex 4

I gave a quick talk at a recent Flashcamp at the SF Adobe building. If you want a (very) quick overview of the Flex 4 effects architecture and some examples of how to use the various new effects, check out the verbosely-named Using Effects and Animation in Flex 4. Actually, there were a lot of great, quick talks that evening by other folks on the Flex, AIR, and tools teams: you'll probably want to grab some popcorn and watch more: In face, that same page has other video tutorials on Flex, Flash Builder, and Flash Catalyst. What the heck, just watch them all. You don't have work to do today, do you?

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Andrew said...

Nice overview of effects in Flex 4. Looking forward to digging into the beta in the next week or two.