Thursday, June 18, 2009

JavaOne slides posted

Sun has posted the PDF for the presentation that I did at JavaOne this year with Romain Guy, Move Your Users: Animation Principles for Great User Experiences (you'll have to join the Sun Developer Network to access that URL, but it's easy and free).

The demos were a big part of the presentation, of course (as was Romain doing a running jump off the stage and blowing the microphone), and those aren't in the slides. But most of the demos either already exist online (we showed a few from Filthy Rich Clients) or (in the case of the Flex demos) will be shown here as I post blogs and videos that talk about those applications in detail.


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Unknown said...

You guys should create a Version 2 of the book! That book is simply the best Java UI book ever... I really miss you and Romain Java blog posts :( But c'est la vie :)