Friday, March 7, 2014

Android Developers Backstage: The Podcast. Episode 5 and Counting

In an earnest attempt to reach more people (or perhaps a desperate attempt to build up a larger audience) I though it would be good to post this reference to the existing five (5) episodes of the podcast that Tor Norbye and I have been working on for the past several weeks. And by "working on," I mean we get together every 2-4 weeks, sit down with someone interesting on one of the Android development teams and talk about technology and APIs that interest us, and then let someone else figure out the tedious details of actually recording and posting the results. So it's not really work as much as work-related.

The goal of the podcast from the beginning was to have conversations with engineers and teams that listeners might not otherwise know and to talk about details of features and functionality of the Android platform that might not be obvious from simply reading the documentation. Because, hey, who reads the docs anyway, right?

So far we've released five (5!) episodes, although there is a rumor that there is already a sixth (6th!) episode (already recorded!) that is being closely held onto until an undisclosed date (soon!) with a secret person (Dr. Daniel Sandler!) talking about a mysterious project on Android (the System UI!), so who knows where things will go from here? (Maybe to Fresno!)

Since you're probably dying of too-much-text and too-few-links, here is the huge list of episodes so far:

Episode 1: KitKat (with your hosts, Chet and Tor)
Episode 2: Storage (Tor, Chet, and Jeff Sharkey)
Episode 3: Security (Chet, Tor, and Adrian Ludwig)
Episode 4: Google Play Services (Tor, Chet, and Jeff Hamilton)
Episode 5: RenderScript (Chet, Tor, and Tim Murray)
Episode 6: THERE IS NO EPISODE 6!!!!!! (yet)

The feed itself is available through Feedburner, and of course the podcast is also in iTunes for those that live their audio lives there.

By the way, if you have suggestions about teams, individuals, or technologies that you would like to hear more about, please leave a comment. We have a pretty much infinite list of people that we're going to try to get onto the show, but we're open to suggestions.

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