Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Google I|O 2012 Presentations

The videos and slides are now posted for the presentations that I did with Romain Guy at Google I/O a couple of weeks ago.

What's New in Android: A developer's overview of some of the new features available in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, including a deep dive into the enhanced Notifications capabilities (this part by Daniel Sandler, one of the engineers responsible).

For Butter or Worse: A very geeky look into how hardware accelerated rendering works on Android, what we did to make things smoother and faster in the latest release, and what Android developers can do to make their applications faster and smoother as well.

These videos were posted within a day of the talks, but the slides took a bit longer (possibly explained by the rush up to IO followed by everyone collapsing in fatuge when it was over).

There are tons of other great talks from the conference that are posted as well, both in the Google Developers channel on YouTube and (with slides) on the IO site itself.


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