Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Video: SF Android User Group Talks 11/11

Last month, Romain and I once again braved Bay Area rush hour traffic and gave a couple of talks at the SF Android user group. Those talks were recorded and are now posted online:

An Introduction to Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0)
This talk overviews some of the user and developer features of the new Android 4.0 release, through slides and demos. We also got side-swiped by a massive Q&A phase in the middle; always interesting to see what's on peoples's minds (and maybe even answer those questions sometimes).

Sticky GUIs
This talk discusses some principles, approaches, and techniques in graphics, animation, layouts, and performance that may help you create better and more usable UI applications.

(The ICS recording has interesting audio. It reminds me of early efforts at "stereo" with the Chet instrument coming out of your left speaker and the Romain instrument coming out of your right speaker. But the recordings are very good otherwise. And maybe it's better this way - you can just mute one of the speakers and mute the speaker you're tired of).

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