Thursday, December 2, 2010

Slides from Recent Android Presentations

Here are slides for two of the approximately 871 talks that Romain Guy and I gave at Devoxx last month (and again at the SF Android User Group meeting a couple of days ago).

Videos of all of the Devoxx sessions are already posted on the excellent Parleys site for a small subscription fee, and should be made freely available sometime in the next few months. You probably want to check out those videos for the complete details. But in case you were at the talks, are sick of listening to us speak, or simply want to peruse the slideware, here you go...

Android Graphics and Animation

Android UI Development: Tips, Tricks and Techniques


Cristian said...

I've be there in Devoxx and really enjoyed your talks.
There I did not want to disturb you on signing session :) so i do now.
Does it worth spending some time in building a nice widget library for Swing ? Something like we see today in web frameworks like (SmartGwt,ExtGwt,Flex less but anyway more then Swing) ,Jsf - Primefaces,RichFaces,OpenFaces...)
There is one company that has that which is Jade as far as i know.
However i should have asked first:
do you still belive in Swing.

Cristian said...

Jide is the name of the company...
and by widgets i meant components.

Chet Haase said...

@Cristian: Glad you enjoyed the Devoxx talks.
As far as developing a Swing widget library, it depends on what your purpose is. I know the Jide team and components; good stuff. But it seems like a difficult business model. So if you just want to build some for yourself, go for it. But if you're trying to build a business on it, I'm not sure there's a lot of potential there for someone new.
I do still believe in Swing; it's just as powerful and flexible as it was when we wrote Filthy Rich Clients. However, it's not being as actively developed within the JDK as it was and is not suitable for mobile development, so it's in more of a niche than some other GUI toolkits. Many developers still use it happily in the meantime.

Cristian said...

Thanks for your answer.
Pretty much i had the same feeling...
(btw Filthy Rich ... was the apogeum for Swing i guess)
Think i will switch to Android :))
I was talking about what to do in my little free time , when i do not work at work :)) and when my kid give me some time.