Monday, August 30, 2010

Skinning Components in Flex 4 has posted another article from my book Flex 4 Fun. Check out Skinning Components in Flex 4 for an overview of the awesome new component/skinning architecture in Flex 4.

Flex 4: Get some skin in the game...


Alex said...

hey Chet,

I'm learning Flex4 and checked out the article and really like the way you explain the basic idea of skinning in 4, especially your choice of example since it makes functional sense as a starting point.

I tried to check the code and View Source is active on right click but when I try to view it I get a file not found on Artima. Any chance of seeing that code?



Chet Haase said...

@Alex: Please check out the book site. All of the demos are available there, along with the source code. The version on the article wasn't intended to have "view source" available (my mistake when building that version. But all of the book's demos are posted with the source through the book's site.