Monday, December 21, 2009

Drunk on Software 22: Sleeping on the Couch

Sometime last summer, I got together with Jon and James and talked about software, Flex, effects, and Marriott mice. It a slower, more contemplative DoS show. You'll probably feel a bit woozy yourself just watching it. From James's bear hat to his falling asleep at one point, to the mic getting turned off and us having to repeat a bunch of stuff, to the final entrance of a mouse at the end (a vermin omen, I'm sure), it has a lot to offer... to someone. I'm just not sure whom. If we had outtakes in DoS, this would be in them. Maybe when we release "Best of" compilations in the decades to come, it will be on the follow-on releases after we run out of hits, when we're just trying to make a buck any way we can to support our software habits.


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