Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And Now, a Word from Our Sponsor

Codedependent is my technical blog, where I focus purely on geeky things. No idle chit-chat (or chetchat, even), just code, demos and technical stuff. But I may occasionally break ranks to mention something when I feel it's potentially interesting to folks reading this blog. Today, for example, I feel compelled to mention that I've just published a book of material pilfered from my humor blog, called When I am King.... The book is a collection of articles that I've been writing for the past couple of years. I haven't actually ascended to the King's throne yet, but at least I haven't been throne out, either. In any case, I have been able to write about the matter instead, which is probably more enjoyable (for everyone). Anyway, if you're interested in another side of my writing, check it out. Now, back to our regularly scheduled technical programming...

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