Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Filthy Flex Teaser

I spent last week at the Java Posse Roundup conference, where I gave a 5-minute "lighting talk" entitled "Filthy Rich [Flex] Clients." The video is posted on YouTube, along with other videos of lighting talks from the conference, but I'll embed it here as well:
The quality isn't really up to the task of showing how the code actually works (I'll blithely blame the video quality, and hope that the problem is not with the speaker). But I thought I'd post the video as a teaser for future articles. These demos are nice byte-sized techniques that you can use in Flex and Flash to get some nice graphical effects for rich applications.


Daniel Schneller said...

Do you happen to know whether this was a DLP projector? I would like to confirm my idea that the color "pumping" in the video is caused by the camera frame rate is causing some sort of "flicker" because of interferences with the beamer's color wheel.

Christian Giordano said...

Hi Chet, will you make the source available? Thanks.

Chet Haase said...

Daniel: No idea. All I know is that it was an older projector; it only supported 800x600 resolution and was about the size of a large Buick. I've never seen that color cycling effect before, at least not without many more beers than I had that evening.

Christian: That's the idea; I plan to post some future blogs where I go over these apps (among others). I'm working through the larger TopDrawer app first (expect another 2 blog entries soon on that project), then I'll start going over some of the Filthy apps. They're nicely small and terse, so I should be able to cover them in the space of single blog entries.

Dianne Marsh said...

Yeah, Daniel. Combining a really old projector with my (unsteady) hand holding Joe Nuxoll's digital camera (not a camcorder) wasn't ideal, but at least you get SOME sort of a feel for how fun and informative the lightning talks were. Chet didn't mention that he also did a 1 hr "Flex workshop" that really rocked (we didn't tape that).