Monday, February 9, 2009

Video: Gumbo Effects

Adobe TV has posted a video where I talk about some of the new effects capabilities in the next release of Flex, codenamed 'Gumbo'.

For example, the effects can now animate arbitrary objects and types (not just UIComponents and Numbers), which enables things like the new FxAnimateColor effect. Also, there is a new 'easing function' interface that makes the built-in easing functions more flexible and also 'easier' for custom implementations. And there's new repetition behavior that makes reversing and looping animations simple.

Work is still ongoing: we're adding more functionality to the effects system constantly. In fact, I'd better get back to that now. Meanwhile, check out the video for a preview of where we're headed:


Pieter3D said...

Great stuff
makes my live easinger (sorry)

Anonymous said...

In general, will the Gumbo effects replace much of what the current tweening engines provide, or will the tweening engines continue to provide benefits? I just started to learn about various tweening engines then I saw this blog post.

Chet Haase said...

Anonymous: The intention wasn't to replace anything in particular, but rather to enhance the existing functionality already in Flex for animations and effects overall. I expect the various tweening engines out there will still have various things to offer, as they focus on different aspects of a large and diverse topic (animation). But I hope that the built-in effects/animation classes in Flex can provide more and more functionality for developers either indirectly, by their using Flex components that use the effects, or directly, by using the effects themselves.

Anonymous said...

Chet, sorry this isn't related to this specific video. What's the difference between a package and a folder in Gumbo? Flex 3 never made such a distinction, although it seems the option was there in Eclipse. They seem like the same thing to me but there are distinct menu options for it now. Also what's with the symbols? In Flex 3 there was a little square with crosshairs on the corner of some folders, now when you make a new folder in Gumbo the symbol for it is a square with crosshairs. I read in the Gumbo migration doc about the Flex File Browser being replaced with the Flex Package Explorer, and the new option for hierarchical display vs. logical flat view, but still don't see the significance of a package vs. a folder besides terminology.


Chet Haase said...

Fuad: Are you talking about the next version of Flex Builder? Not sure what the deal is. Frankly, I'm so busy working on the SDK implementation that I haven't had time to play around with the tools other than just using the standard FB 3 to hack away.