Friday, February 13, 2009

Really Live Cycle Data Services

I don't usually go in for PR announcements here; I figure that kind of stuff is covered pretty well in other places. But I had to mention this one that I just saw:

Amgen Tour of California Leverages Adobe Flash Platform

Apparently, the race will be streamed live over the web using Flash.

Pretty excellent, but my favorite part is the product name of the Adobe server software that's helping to enable it: "Live Cycle Data Services"


It's like Flash being used for photography, or Flex for applications in the rubber industry, or AIR applications for atmospheric monitoring. I'll be on the lookout for more product name-appropriate partnerships. Brand reinforcement is so critical.

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Duane Nickull said...

It is so cool that I started a petition to the Tour de France organizers to use the same techlnology here:

All cyclists should sign this so we have the luxury of watching the tour at our offices! Lance is riding again - WOOT!