Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Flex 4 Fun: The International Tour

The international book tour for Flex 4 Fun began last November in Antwerp, Belgium (the home of diamonds, chocolate, and GUI toolkit programming books). It was a gray a rainy day, which is unusual for Antwerp except for the months between September and June.

The tour began as all such things do: parties dripping with scantily-clad programming celebrities, mobs of teeming fans fighting for autographs and shreds of clothing, and all-night hacking orgies. It was unforgettable, it was a blur of over-caffeinated memory, it was ... just another book tour.

The tour came to an abrupt end. I can't confirm that it was because of overcrowded venues and rabid crowds that overwhelmed Interpol forces. I can only say that I had to leave the town anonymously, quickly, and with only 10 pounds of chocolate as a memory of the experience.


I gave a talk on Flex 4 Fun at Devoxx. The presentation gave an overview of some of the graphics and animation features in Flex 4, and worked through an example of skinning a component to show some of these new features. This was one of several talks I gave that week, although this was the only one on Flex. In fact, it's probably the last such talk, since I don't have a lot of opportunity to do Flex development in my new Androidal life. Call it my final Flex fling ... 4 fun.

Instead of embedding the video, I'll encourage you to go to to watch the presentation, and to check out the many other videos from the Devoxx conference. Parleys has a subscription model (79 Euros to watch all videos from Devoxx 2010), but there are a few talks available for free now (like this one) to whet your appetite.

Enjoy the video while I continue to recover from the tour.

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Anonymous said...

This was great to know of Flex 4 Fun tour. thanks for the video and hope i will participate if this happens once again!