Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pros and Cons

I just heard that my technical session was accepted at Devoxx, so I thought I'd post my upcoming conference schedule:

Adobe MAX: I (along with others on the Flex team and a host of other knowledgeable people inside and outside of Adobe) will be presenting at MAX this year. I will give a talk on (drum roll please; it's sure to be a big surprise...): Flex 4 Effects! MAX is in Los Angeles from October 4 - 7. Come learn about Flex, Flash, and other cool Adobe developer products.

Devoxx: I, along with my co-author and arch-nemesis Romain Guy, will be presenting a session entitled "Animation Rules!," where we will apply lessons learned from cartoon animation to making better GUIs. There should be some other good talks more specifically about Flex as well. Devoxx is in Antwerp, Belgium from November 16 - 20. It is one of the best geek conferences I've been to, year after year, with good, deep talks about Java, Flex, and whatever else is hot and worth learning about in the programming world today. It is also very cheap at the price. Oh, and the fries and beer are great!